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This is not what I was expecting

I was hurting. My mind, my body. The inside of my cells felt like they were shrivelling up. I was dirty. Skin cells clumping together, oily hair and dried blood. The idea of what my life would look like now, after giving birth, shattered. Little pieces of me falling to my hospital bed side. Hot, light and […]

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Prevent Negative Thoughts about Our Bodies

 Your body is beautiful. Don’t let anyone, including yourself, tell you otherwise.  Big, small, round, pear-shaped, wide, petite, giraffe-like. Whatever shape, it is beautiful. Since becoming a mother my body has changed in many ways. At first it was hard for me to accept the extra belly fat that lay ever-so quietly under my jeans, popping out […]

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Becoming a Mother is Not What I Expected

Becoming a mother has been tough, and to be honest, there have been times where I thought I don’t want this. My emotions and ideas about being a mum are all over the place. I’m in denial and I can’t let go of my former self. I don’t know which way is up and sometimes I feel normal […]

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