Parent & Baby Groups in Your Area

NCT Bumps and Babies or Netmums organise get togethers with mums in your local area.

Facebook groups are very helpful, you can search either Parents  [Insert Town], or [Insert Town] NCT to find your local community group.

To find local single parents, here is a Facebook group or Gingerbread, both great places to meet other single parents and have a chat.

To find a support support group that is more specific, contact a family has national support groups for children with specific conditions.

You can also find things the old fashioned way, by asking your health visitor, checking leaflets at your local child health clinic, going to the children’s centre or library.

Breastfeeding Support

The National Breastfeeding Helpline (0300 100 0212) is there to help you with breastfeeding support whenever you need them. You can also find an online chat here.

For face-to-face help there are breastfeeding drop in groups with registered volunteers who have all breastfed their own babies, another great way to make new mum friends!

For more local groups, La Leche League GB provides a dropdown list of meet ups in your area, plus further support on breastfeeding (helpline: 0345 120 2918).

Postnatal Depression & Anxiety

National Childbirth Trust (NCT) – helpline on 0300 330 0700 (8am to Midnight, Monday to Sunday).

Mind, the mental health charity – infoline on 0300 123 3393 (9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday) or email

If you are experiencing postnatal anxiety or OCD, Anxiety UK has great resources or you can call 08444 775 774 to chat to someone.

Mood Matters AWARE is a great organisation that focuses on the mental health of both the mum and child, you can find your nearest support group here.

For parents who are experiencing low mood/stress or mild depressionLiving Life to The Full is an evidence based programme.

There is also online help for people who would like help from the comfort of their own home.

For information on postnatal depression, find here.

For Baby Loss

Sands supports anyone who has been affected by the death of a baby before, during or shortly after birth.

They have a telephone (020 7436 5881), email help line, or online forum.

The helpline is open:
Monday to Friday: 9.30am – 5.30pm
Tuesday and Thursday evenings: 6pm – 10pm



If you are looking for support from a mum, please check out our mentor & support page, we have mums just like you who are there to help and/or talk to you generally about your wellbeing!

If you are looking for something more specific or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at