To All the Baby Haters Out There

There’s no doubt about it, my son is apart of my life. I wake up, he’s there, I get home from work, he’s there, I go to sleep, he’s there. 

It’s bound to happen. I’m going to put up a picture, or three, of him on Facebook. Deal with it. 

I have to deal with your constant stream of drunken selfies and #foodporn photos.

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Like I give a shit about a tuna melt? But do I come knocking on your Facebook photo and question you on why you are putting up “yet another” drunken selfie? 

Food / drink is a part of your life, babies are a part of mine. 

You feel proud of your tuna melt, I feel proud of my son crawling. I carried him in my body for 10 months and spent 3 days in labour, and now on a day to day basis I only have two hours a sleep per night and go into work with a smile on my goddamn face. I’m sure you can say the same for your tuna melt. 

Why does your opinion matter now that I have a child?

You’d think I would have authority over my choices for my child. NOPE. Everyone please share your opinion with me, especially if you don’t have children, I would love to know how many photos am I allowed to post of him on Facebook? 

Mr. Zuckerberg, please we only want to see one photo of your newborn daughter, thanks. 

I’m sorry our photos are so boring to you?

My son is the biggest accomplishment of my life and I’m not going to hide it. 

He’s a part of my life and I’m fucking proud of it. 


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