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Places and Pick Up Lines to Attract the Perfect Mum Friend

On my mum journey I have found that having mum friends is key to mum success. Diyyaam, I just said “mum” three times in one sentence. 

While we all know that mum friends are important, unfortunately there is quite an art to making the perfect mum friends. You can always find a mum friend, but finding a perfect mum friend that you actually want to spend your precious one hour of free time with is tricky. It’s similar to hitting on a woman for a first date. “Oh you look nice in those jeans!” “Maybe we can go for a coffee first and drinks later?” “Have you been going to the gym?” I have used these exact phrases to pick up meet mums. So, as I know how difficult hitting on meeting mums can be, I’m going to share my top places and pick up lines to find and attract the perfect mum friend.

The Grocery Store

Meet Mum grocery shoppingThe shops are an exceptionally accessible place to pick up mums…. there are so many things you can ask her,

“Have you tried these chocolate-coated gummy bears?”…or….

“Do you know which aisle the nappies are in?”

Well actually, I guess you should know which aisle these are in already! You don’t want to look like a bad Mum!

What about, “What dummy size do you use?” …or…

“Oh I find Bonjela to be the best teething gel.” …or….

“Wow, I can’t even tell you’re wearing a breast pad, which ones do you use?” Not to mention, different supermarkets attract different types of mums. There are the monster chains like Sainsbury’s where you get the “I’m a practical and no bull shit” kind of mum or the natural/organic indie stores where you get the “I am on a vegan diet and do yoga everyday” mum. Know who you’re target market.

The Laundromat

Meet Mums laundromatIt takes at least half an hour to wash a load and another 45 minutes to dry it. You have plenty of time to work your charm with that super cool mum. You could ask questions like, “Do you think I can squeeze two loads in here without breaking it?” If she fires back, “‘That’s what she said,” you’re in. Now that’s my kind of mum.

Baby Sensory Class

Meet Mums baby sensoryThis is my favourite! Sharing a mutual concern is always a way in. “That teacher is so CRAY, why does she always wear baggy yoga pants with cats and dogs on them?” You may even find you have the same taste in baby yoga music? Discussing the finer points of the high and low notes could be a conversation starter for attending a music class together at some later point. Make sure to follow up and ask for her digits.

NCT/Hypno-birthing Class

Meet Mums NCT ClassBecause you are in an NCT class, there are a plethora of questions you can use to kick start conversations, any question is appropriate,

“So, how do you think you’re birth will be?”

“Oh amazing! Me too! Should we go for brunch?”

This is where you can truly be yourself with no judgment. In the classes after birth, I have used, “What kind of breast pump do you use?” and actually had a mum lend me her pump right then and there.

The Shoe Store

Meet Mums shoe shoppingWomen love shoes. The shoe store is an excellent place to pick up chicks meet mums. But make sure to pick up the right shoes, the pointed toe and gladiator sandals are in this season. Pick up a pair of each and ask the other mum her opinion about which one you should get. Mums love to help other people! Wait… what mum has time to go shoe shopping in an actual store?! hahaha Maybe the mums with older girls….

The Park

Meet Mums at park finalThe perfect mum is the one that will allow her child to share their toys with your child. The mums that sit in a corner and only talk to their own friends are not worth your time. Go for the one that looks open-minded and kind. A simple conversation starter could be,

“Oh, what a lovely day it is,” or “You are looking tan!”

The Mummy and Baby Cinema

MEET Mums mum and baby cinemaThis seems like a weird one, BUT it can actually be a great way to find a mum. You both like horror films, perfect! More of a rom-com kind of gal, go to the Tuesday viewing when they’re playing “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”! You can chat about how terrible your last relationship was,

“OMG my last boyfriend was not as cool as you!” …or…

“I hated the way he would get jealous when I would look at the hot guy behind the popcorn counter.”

Maybe even go for drinks afterwards with her and invite the hot popcorn guy for jokes?

Okay, good luck girls! Get your hair did, nails painted and get that charming smile on.