7 Things that are EASIER After Having a Child

I’m not going to lie, becoming a mother has been the hardest thing I have ever done. I haven’t slept in seven months. I am always exhausted. I am always on edge. And I look like someone has punched me in both eyes.

HOWEVER, I have found that there are actually a few things that have become, dare I say it, EASIER since the arrival of my son. To give some hope to the future moms and dads, here are the top seven things that have become easier since having a child……


I am sooooo good at crying now. I well up at any slightly touching story line…dog needing to be rescued….montages of any kind…..David Attenborough narrating the magical journey of turtles discovering their new land…..and yup, you guessed it, any John Lewis ad ever made.

obama looking up shedding one tear

More Empathy

I am much more empathetic for the people around me. Oh you’re going to be three hours late to my birthday party because you’re stuck in traffic? No problem. Oh you spilled cheese on your top? Take mine. Oh you you forgot to bring money for lunch? Let me buy that for you.

baby on the right is looking concerned and holding the shoulder of baby on the right who is crying

Carrying the shopping home

Lugging humungous shopping bags home was the worst part of my week. I would have to take two or three breaks in order to get home, my five minute walk became twenty minutes. Now I have my own personal trolley. I simply slide my bags onto the hinges of the pram and glide my way home as quick as a gazelle through the plains of Africa.


Falling asleep

Hello Pillow! I can fall asleep anywhere I please. I used to struggle with bed time, tossing and turning, thinking about all of the day’s activities and tomorrow’s worries. But now, once my head hits that pillow I am gone.

a man on the tube is sitting in a chair, holding onto the yellow railing, with his nose on the railing falling asleep

Getting drunk

It only takes a glass of wine now to feel a good buzz. Prior to the baby, I would have to drink about two large glasses of wine (okay, okay, five jagerbombs) to feel a little niggle.

Amy Schumer from the movie Trainwreck, holding her finger up saying "wait a minute" while she chugs a bottle of beer from a brown bag. Her boyfriend is standing behind her looking shocked.

Winning any argument

Finishing any argument with “…remember that time when I pushed your son out of my vagina…” End of argument. I win.

A woman on the left yelling at a man, with his hands on his head, on the right. White background.

Loving Unconditionally

Since the arrival of my son, I can honestly say I have never found loving someone come so easily.

A woman holding the hands of her daughter with the letters "Forever" from scrabble game.

What have you found that has become easier since having a child? 

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