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5 Things You Do as a New Mum at a Music Festival

I have been so busy with moving house, starting a new job and generally being a working mother that I haven’t had a chance to write a post about my wondrous festival experience at Secret Garden Party Festival that happened back in July. I would highly recommend this festival to anyone. It has everything for every type of person, it’s classy (besides the toilets) and I had the best time of my life. Hands down, best festival I have ever experienced.

Anyway, my festival experience has changed slightly since having a child as I’m sure you are all aware, as a parent your priorities change. But what’s funny is that it’s carried over into everything that you do….including going to a festival even when the baby is left at home with the grandparents! So here is what it’s like going to a festival as a new mum……

Teach your mother-in-law how to send photos through the iPad so that you can have regular updates of your baby

Secret Garden Party Festival was four days! This was the longest time I had ever been away from my little smiley, adorable, contagiously snuggly Bear (..I can taste the cheese in my mouth..). While this was the most amazing experience ever, I missed him A LOT. On the second night when my boyfriend and I returned to the tent to….do the dirty….. we instead, snuggled up in big spoon little spoon position and looked at photos of our son! Major LOLs. Who have I turned into?! We used to have crazy, annoyingly loud for the neighbours rambunctious sexy time, now we look at photos of our son and fall into a snuggly warm position and drift off to sleep!


Breast pump in the tent

This was slightly annoying, not only for me but the people sleeping in the tents around us. They either thought I was blowing up my air mattress with an electric pump or using a vibrator! I would pump before bed and in the morning, and sometimes in the afternoon, so if they may have thought I was a bit rambunctious! Luckily I had already been slowly weaning Bear off of the breastmilk because I work full-time, so three times a day wasn’t too bad. It is strange pumping after a night of drinking though….the milk comes out much slower and randomly, not going to lie I was slightly freaked out.


Break up a drug dealer fight and yell, “can’t we all just get along?”

Okay I didn’t really break up the fight, but in my drunken state I envisioned going over to the two shady looking men, giving them each a hug and saying, “there, there, have a sip of milk” and the fight being resolved. They both smile at each other and say I’m sorry. #Mothered


(I didn’t get a photo of the fight but thought this was funny of my friend….this was 15 minutes before the fight began…jokes)

Show pictures of your baby to prove that you are over 21

For some SILLY reason every single time I tried to order a drink they IDed me. While this may be a compliment for some, this is THE most annoying thing for a person that is in dire need of a glass of prosecco. I literally took the bar man through a photo album of my son in order to prove to him that I am in fact over 21. Sadly he just said, “you could be a young Mum!” After the fifth time of this annoying experience I refused to go to the bar anymore. On a positive note, this turned out nicely for me because my boyfriend had to order drinks the rest of the festival. A nice little treat for me ; ).


Get a massage

Prior to becoming a mother being pampered at a festival was definitely not a priority on my list. I was more concerned about who was playing, doing jagerbombs and finding hot men to make out with. This time around I spent the day in a part of the festival called The Sanctuary. It was heaven. This festival has everything for every type of person, it’s amazing. I had a massage by a magical man who currently lives in Thailand but works during festival season. I went to take an actual shower with organic products that smelled delicious. I met my friend in the “pamper room” and we put glitter on our faces. And finally, we headed to the champagne tent where we sat luxuriously in white beach chairs and watched the drunk people dance in another tent nearby. It was a glorious afternoon.