Meeting My Son Was Like Going On A First Date

I love the show First Dates, have you head of it? It does what it says on the tin. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH. I especially love when the couple end up staying together, it’s almost as if a real love story has unfolded right in front of my eyes whilst I eat sweet and salty popcorn and chug chocolate milk.

I recently watched a very awkward man try to woo a very odd woman, and their interaction reminded me of when I first met my son…

I was nervous

I had no idea what he was going to look like! I was scared he might be ugly and have birth marks all over his face. What if he was rude? Or worse! What if he threw up on me or something?? I tried to look my best, I don’t normally wear too much make up but for this occasion I had some eyeliner and mascara on just to ease my nerves. What if my boobs were too small for his liking? He might not like me!


He was shy and it was awkward

There were very long awkward silences. Sometimes he would peep up and whinge a little, but most of the time we sat there staring at each other in silence. I would look away shyly as he stared me down, “could I have another drink?” He stared at my boobs for the majority of our first encounter which made me feel a bit awks. Occasionally he would look into my eyes and blink a few times. He drank a lot of milk but didn’t eat that much and seemed tired so we left the hospital restaurant earlier than expected.

He was soooo late

I’m fairly laid back on time keeping, probably because I am not always on time myself. But this guy! Psh, he was so fucking late. He rescheduled our date two times. Originally we were going to meet on December 8th, but he was a no show. I was so angry at him I wasn’t sure if I wanted to reschedule. But of course he gave me a little kick and I gave in, we rescheduled for a couple weeks later. A more casual encounter, we didn’t want to put a date on it. He said he would meet me when we were both  ready. Maybe a couple pints at the pub after work? Obviously he knew I would have to have a non-alcoholic beer but I was still down. On the actual day when he was ready to meet me, he messed me around for another three days. He sent me messages that he was coming but then his phone died or something and I couldn’t get a hold of him. He finally turned up in the afternoon on December 23rd!

He wasn’t very good at listening

He basically ignored my requests and whinged about milk most of the time. I tried to tell him about my likes and dislikes and how we have a lot in common, but he wasn’t having it. He was quite rude. He kept falling asleep while I was trying to talk to him. I know he had a long night but c’mon dude, I have been waiting two and half weeks (plus 9 months) to meet you!


All in all we didn’t get along

I don’t think it was a match made in heaven, we didn’t really have that spark right off the bat, but I’m glad I gave him a few more trys ; ). Eventually I realised he was the ONE!

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