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Being a mum is tough, so building a strong local network is key. MummyLinks helps local mums meet at a time that suits them. We take safety very seriously. Create or join ‘Play Dates’ with local mums, even at short notice. Sign up for free today!

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When I became a mum I pictured life to be sunny picnics in the park and catching up with friends over coffee whilst baby slept in my arms. That happened occasionally (or all the time if you look at my social media at the time!), but most of the time it was a lot tougher.

In particular, I found maternity leave lonely at times. I suffered with Post-Natal-Depression which made it worse (but that’s a whole other post, find out more on what I’m doing to raise awareness #shoutieselfie). But even without that it is tough at times. It’s a big change from going out to work most days, having a social life, and running your own schedule.

I’d find it particularly tough if a mum friends (completely understandably!) cancelled last minute due to their baby being sick. I’d Whatsapp my other mum friends frantically trying to find somebody else to meet with but they were busy already most of the time. This made me feel even more lonely ☹

I kept thinking, if I’m lonely at home then there must be tons of other mums in exactly the same position. Surely it’s not just me? Right…? (Ok maybe it is and the rest of you are all out at a big party having fun together?)

And I don’t think mums should be lonely. We needn’t be there are enough of us around! But in this age of high house prices and great technology, we often find ourselves far from friends and family when we start having babies. I heard the other day that 92% of new mums now struggle with loneliness at some point. I think that’s awful.

I’m a strong believer that it takes a village to raise a child (and keep a mum happy!) Yes NCT is amazing for finding mums having babies within a month of you, but it takes more than 5 mums to make your village. That’s why I’ve set up MummyLinks.

MummyLinks is a free website (App launching soon! Sign up to the facebook group to try it out first – link below!) It helps mums meet for ad-hoc playdates – based on postcode – securely. It’s invite only which will be a nightmare for marketing, but it’s important to me that all mums feel safe knowing that those they are meeting are friends of friends.

So, here are 5 reasons you SHOULDN’T sign up for the new MummyLinks app

  1. You love spending every second of every day with your baby and don’t want to ever see anyone else ever again
  2. You don’t want any mum friends – your old work colleagues and friends are happy hearing you talk about poo, sick and chapped nipples all the time
  3. You’ve already signed up to a “meet new mums” website or app and are 100% certain that all the people on there are who they say they are
  4. You never ever get lonely because all of your friends are off on mat leave at the same time as you, live on your road, and have babies the same age and stage as yours
  5. Your mummy friends never cancel on you last minute because their babies never get sick. So you never need flexible playdate plans

In case, like me, you sometimes just want to meet a local mum ad-hoc:

First: Ask to join:

Then: Tell all your trusted mummy friends to also join by sending them this article or the link above (and get them to pass it on and so forth…)

As soon as just ONE mum in your friend circle knows just ONE of the mummies already using MummyLinks, you will ALL be in as you can approve each other ☺ safe and simple!

Never be lonely again.