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Dear Breasts, Though You Be But Little You Are Fierce

Dear Breasts,

We have been through some tough times together. I remember the days when we couldn’t wait to grow up. In middle school, we wanted to wear a bra for the sake of being able to tell your friends “I am wearing a bra.”

You were too small and flat to fit into a properly cupped bra. We went bra shopping with mom and she embarrassed us by asking the lady to fit you into a special “beginner” bra. You were such a munchkin back then. I should have roamed shirtless and free and pretended I was a boy. Little did I know you were going to grow up into the beautiful pumping breasts you are today.

We reached high school and you still weren’t able to fit into the luxurious, eye candy of a bra from Victoria’s Secret. I remember when you encountered your first sensual moment with a boy in the treehouse in the garden. You didn’t feel confident that he was going to accept you for the size that you were. But luckily, nothing was mentioned and we dumped him because he kissed like a lizard.

man and woman kissing

You longed for the breasts on TV and we even tried to call the Bloussant Enlargement Lotion phone number and secretly order it with mom’s credit card. Thank god we chickened out, mom would have been broke! Instead, we went to Ann Summers and bought the bra with water padding.

padded bra

College was a whole other ball game and the subsequent years that followed we found ourselves happy in who we were – small and proud. But now those small days are over.

At the first sign of pregnancy, I noticed you were fuller. Over the nine month journey, you began to change. You were more distant, but slowly you became softer, more aware. A month before the ‘due date,’ you knew. You started leaking milk and we had to use breast pads to stop the leakage. You were already preparing for this life changing event.

The journey was long for us. After baby’s birth, you were confused and stressed. You didn’t know how much milk to make, but we were determined to breastfeed. You worked with the baby and the pump to figure out the right amount.

The Lansinoh Electric Breast Pump helped us in so many ways. We were able to understand how much you were making. We were able to get the breastmilk out more quickly and spend more time sleeping. We were able to feed the baby and pump at the same time.

Daddy was able to bond with baby for a night-time feed. We struggled with various breast cushions, but the Lansinoh breast cushions were very comfortable and you were finally happy. But, the best part about this magical pump was that we were able to have a break from the constant breastfeeding.

The baby wanted you every two hours around the clock. Being able to pump and then go out with a friend for dinner saved us from going insane. It was tough on you, we had a few pitfalls; dealt with sore nipples and mastitis. The HPA Lanolin literally saved my nipples.

If it hadn’t been for this wonder cream, I would have had cracked, bleeding nipples. Eventually, we figured it out. If it hadn’t been for the pump we wouldn’t be here today. Through all of our tough times together, you were a trooper. We are so much stronger than we have ever been. So now, I am going to officially deem you Pumping Power Woman.

We have new and improved pumping breasts! The breasts we always longed for. We were just once posing and pretending, but now we give life to a small human being. Every single day, we GIVE LIFE!

These Superwoman pumping breasts are what we were made to do. No longer are we wishing for more – it’s here and it is like finding gold, each drop is vital to a human being. Life as we know it has changed for the better. You are big, pumping and naturally beautiful now. We are more caring, more selfless and more confident.

As baby sleeps next to me, I look at him and think, “Who would I be without you?” And I realise, without him, I would be lost. He has made our lives so much greater, so much more important than I ever thought it would be. You would not be the pumping powerful breasts you are today. I can rightfully say he was the best decision I have ever made and I am so happy we persevered through our breastfeeding journey.

Sincerely yours,


Happy New Mum

Happy New Mum

Happy New Mum is the real experience, from real mums. We are here to help.

A group of mums sharing their experiences on pregnancy, post-birth, breastfeeding, work-life balance, and more.
Happy New Mum



Happy New Mum is the real experience, from real mums. We are here to help. A group of mums sharing their experiences on pregnancy, post-birth, breastfeeding, work-life balance, and more.