Author: The Mum Project

Originally from San Francisco, but raising my son in the UK. My blog consists of real talk about the motherhood. Jobs other than Mum: Huff Post & Scary Mommy &Huff Post Contributor, Brand Ambassador Lansinoh Family, Digital Marketing Manager, Postgraduate Student, Wannabe Dancer, Host of #StayClassyMama and Beer Pong Player.

The Roles We Play #PressForProgress

My role as “woman” and “mother” has been unconventional. I still remember the terrified look on my mother’s face when I walked on stage to accept my 2nd grade blue honor roll award in a big white t-shirt that fell down to my knees, baggy long skater shorts, and a backwards Giants hat. A tomboy […]

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Meeting My Son Was Like Going On A First Date

I love the show First Dates, have you head of it? It does what it says on the tin. I CANNOT GET ENOUGH. I especially love when the couple end up staying together, it’s almost as if a real love story has unfolded right in front of my eyes whilst I eat sweet and salty popcorn […]

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Why there should no longer be an estimated ‘due date’

Author: The Mum Project  Let’s be honest, we all know ‘estimated due date’ is never accurate. Yet, we continue to sit here naively thinking that by 40 weeks (hopefully sooner, you know….because it could be as early as 37 weeks!) we will have the baby. Why did I think my son would be early? Now […]

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10 Things You Should Never Say to a Pregnant Woman

The 10 things that people said to me during pregnancy and what I would want to say back.   1. So what do you miss the most now that your pregnant? Well, that gin and tonic you have in your hand right there Graham….I miss that. I love not being able to drink at the current social […]

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10 Ways to be Pleasured Post-Baby

Since the baby has arrived, my partner and I can’t keep our hands off each other! He just gives me ‘the look,’ and I’m like, “OH MY GOD. I need you right now on the kitchen table!” I hope you all know by now that this is SO NOT TRUE. Sex has not been turning up at my door. […]

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Things I Wish I Could Tell My Pregnant Self

Dear Melissa, You are in for a big surprise. Everything you think right now about having a child is wrong. So take a moment and remember this quote.  And now for the list.  The poo is not that bad. Your average tube journey will now feel like a mission into the trenches of World War […]

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