Author: Jessica Atkinson

Jessica writes mainly about her struggles with post-natal depression and anxiety. She has two children, aged 2.5 and 1. You can find her at That Mummy Blog.

[Mental Health Awareness Week] To Medicate Or Not To Medicate?

I had never been keen to take antidepressants. I had always been of the opinion that they would only mask the problem, not fix it. I thought they would take away all emotions, or I would be so happy I wouldn’t be able to control them. My step dad once told me about a time […]

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This baby inside of me was breaking me, mentally & physically

We were blissfully happy. I went through the typical ‘Baby Blues’ on days 3 to 5 post partum, which included a good cry in front of my in laws on day 3, as for some stupid reason I decided going to a family BBQ was a good idea. It wasn’t. I felt like I eased […]

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