Author: Sarah and Louise

Based in sunny Kent, Sarah and Louise have been best friends for over 20 years. They have supported each other through everything from teenage angst, spots and boyfriends to terrible jobs, beautiful weddings and now the emotional highs and lows of motherhood. With 5 children between them, Sarah and Louise blog about the "joys" of motherhood, warts and all. They also make hilarious vlogs! The blog is a therapeutic outlet, that they hope helps other new mums realise that life with children is somewhat different to the idealistic vision we all hold in our mind, but that's absolutely normal!

Maybe I’m Crazy – Dealing with Anxiety, Life and Motherhood

People don’t believe me when I tell them that I suffer with severe anxiety, apparently I don’t seem the ‘type’. But suffer is probably the best term for it. As I write this, it feels like there is a tight band around my head, the more I think about it the tighter it becomes. My […]

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What to do with Two Under Two

Well here I am – I’ve made it! This week marks my youngest baby’s 2nd birthday. To be honest I’m sure he’s only one, but the calendar and his sudden liking for tantrums, screaming, hair pulling and shouting “MINE” when he steals his siblings’ belongings tell me otherwise.  When I discovered I was pregnant with […]

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