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    Antidepressants: My Story

    I’ll always remember the day I started my antidepressants. It was Monday 5th January 2015. That was the day I hit rock bottom. The previous weeks and months I knew I was plunging. Each day was harder than the day before.  Painting on a smile was becoming more of an arduous task.  I could no longer pretend everything was OK, the intrusive thoughts were gaining ferociousness.  I was perpetually exhausted. The thoughts exhausted me. The pretending exhausted me. The worry exhausted me. The anxiety exhausted me. Everything exhausted me. The only respite from the recurring thoughts was sleep. In my naivety, I’d dare to hope that one day I’d wake…

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    The Great Pretender | PND

    I don’t know why I do it. I must be a glutton for punishment. The rage I feel when I read the comments section on Mail Online articles is extreme. I swear my blood pressure experiences a surge every time I take a glance. I promise myself I’m going to delete the app. It’s not a news site.  It’s a place for bile, hate, judgement and poor journalism.  So many of the articles are littered with rubbish spelling, grammar and, being candid with you; I’m of the opinion many of the journalists who ‘write’ for The Mail are just extremely talented when it comes to the art of cutting and pasting. There’s been…

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