Author: Saffi Yusef

Saffi writes a blog that has come from the power of sharing her personal story of strength, weakness, reality and utopia as a ‘multicultural’ new mum over 40.

[Mental Health Awareness Week] Mumpreneur Duo Develop New App to Combat Loneliness

After The Duchess of Cambridge made a heartfelt confession about the “loneliness” of motherhood. Saffi Yusef talks to two London mumpreneurs about their new app to help mums connect with each other. It was a chance meeting in a rainy playground that got two London mums talking about their feelings of loneliness and isolation on […]

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Maternity Leave is Not Just about the Money for a Mum Over 40

Before I gave birth to Cyrus in July, I was determined to return to work full-time by January 2017. It seemed like the right thing to do as a mum over 40 who had known little else for such a long time. A few months of caring for my new baby was all it took to […]

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