Author: Aleena Brown

Aleena is currently living in Croydon with her two children and her fiance. She works part-time in an outstanding children's nursery, and in pre-mum life she ran businesses and pubs. She has a degree in English Literature, and her absolute passion (aside from her kids!) is writing, hence the blog!

I Had No Problem Leaving My Baby

The more I talk to other mums, the more I feel weird for having felt (or not felt, as it were) this way. But the truth is, I had no problem leaving either of my babies for the first time. In fact, Amelia was a few days old when she first left the house without […]

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What You Need To Know About Becoming a Mum

We are a pretty honest and open society now, and with the massive online community only growing, there’s a wealth of information, advice and tips out there if you want to find it. Don’t get me wrong, I love my children, and there are hundreds of times I think; “Why didn’t people tell me this would be […]

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[Mental Health Awareness Week] Striving for Perfection in a Seemingly Perfect World

  Knowing that Mental Health Awareness week was coming up, I’ve been planning on writing this post for quite a while. So how come I’ve just sat and stared at my (blank) computer screen for an hour and a half feeling totally blocked? I’ve checked Twitter 8 times, Facebook 3 times, and I’ve lost count […]

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To All The Mums Out There, It Is Okay to Take a Break

We’ve all been there; expectant new mum determined to get it right, adamant that she will/will not do x, y, and z. We make plans, envision our mummy (soon-to-be-the-present) future, we conduct extensive Google research, read all the books recommended to us, and even begin to form distinct and unwavering parenting opinions. Unwavering, that is, […]

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“It’s a Girl” Struck Me Like a Lead Balloon

There is a long history of PND and physical abuse in my family; my mum, her mum, her mum’s mum, and likely further back too. I have spent a huge chunk of my life being told that I would be the one to ‘break the cycle’ and that things would be different for me. My […]

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