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    Returning to Work Without Freaking the ‘F’ Out

    Returning to work, like any parenting milestone, is a chance for expert procreators to offer you their words of wisdom. At the time you’ll want whack them with the nappy bag [all mothers know that could do some serious damage] and run for the hills while proudly brandishing your SAHM’s rule flag! But once reality hits and D-day arrives you’ll realise that everything they said was true. Although it’s different for everyone, I’m sure we can all agree that it’s a painful time. Plagued with anxiety your Mom guilt grows profusely. A million things run through your mind and it’s unsurprising. You’ve spent the best part of a year (obviously…

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    The Mum with No Name

    When we arrived at the park you were already there. I saw you as we pulled up and for a moment I considered driving straight past. It’s silly, I know but you were with the other mums. I felt intimidated. I felt sad. I was having a bad day. You couldn’t have known why I was really there. To the outside world I was just a mother, taking advantage of what could have been the last warm day of year. You couldn’t see my guilty conscience. You couldn’t feel the regret coursing through my body or hear the anxiety screaming in my head. We’d spent the morning battling over scrambled eggs.…

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    Childbirth: Expectations VS Reality

    This time last year I was 41+1 weeks pregnant. My weight gain was significant enough that I was starting to resemble Shamu. I had drank all the raspberry leaf tea in the north of England and even stimulating my nipples wasn’t working! Just when I thought I would be pregnant forever I felt my first contraction! It took an agonising 30 hours of labour before Rory finally made an appearance. Replacing my plan for a natural birth was the chaos of epidurals and forceps. It may have been traumatic but it was worth it. Holding that little boy in my arms was the happiest moment of my life! A year…

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