Author: Ellie Wright

Dr. Ellie Wright is licensed as a naturopathic physician and works as the Director of Naturopathic Medicine at Alternative to Meds Center, a medication tapering addiction treatment facility in Arizona. From neurotransmitter rehabilitation to orthomolecular medicine (optimizing naturally occurring nutrition in the body), Alternative to Meds Center takes health and healing seriously. Boasting a qualified compassionate staff, they tailor individualized holistic programs to treat those with addictions, drug-induced psychoses, as well as other mental health and drug and alcohol abuse disorders.

Signs of PND and How To Treat Them

Is It Baby Blues, PPD or Temporary Psychosis?  As a new mum, there are many new thoughts, feelings and sensations going through your body and your mind. Considering you’ve spent nine months giving up your former self to becoming that ever-evolving version of femininity, only to change again and officially own the title of mother, […]

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