Author: Celine Bell

Gin fiend. Cheese eater. Mum of boys, two sleep-stealing monsters. Blogging about making sense of the mess, getting the balance right (or not) and trying not to balls it up. Celine is a London-based writer who has worked in publishing for 15 years. You can check out more of my work at the Tantrum Creative Network and on Huffington Post.

The Secret Lives of Parents: What Happens Before 7am

 What happens before 7am? Let me tell you.  It isn’t good.  Nothing good happens before 7am (similar to my rule of parties in my twenties – nothing good happens after 2am.  Go home at 2am.  If I’m up at 2am now it is for very different reasons.  Rarely featuring tequila.) So, before 7am, when non-parents’ […]

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PND – Why Aren’t We Talking About It?

How come we still aren’t talking about it?  Why is it still so hush-hush? At Christmas, when charity buckets rattle collecting spare change for mental health charities, why am I still reading that new mums feel guilt and fear around the blues that follow the birth of a baby. If I broke my leg, I’d tell […]

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To all parents – stop beating yourself up

As a parent, you have multiple balls in the air at any one time.  Actually, scrap that, as a non-parent I was always busy, with work, social life and family commitments.  Throw two babies into the mix, and something is bound to give. My phone died on me this week, and whilst I got it fixed quickly, […]

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Please Don't Stop the Music How To Go Out When You're A Parent

Please Don’t Stop the Music – How to Go Out When You’re A Parent

Things I miss since becoming a parent number eleventy billion – going to live music gigs.  Don’t get me wrong, the Peppa Pig soundtrack that is a gentle and constant background in our home is an auditory delight, but it wouldn’t be my Spotify choice (fact – having kids messes with the algorithm).  And so I […]

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The 10 Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Parent

Since becoming a parent, I’ve definitely become gross.  I’m immune to bogies smeared on t-shirts (although I’d rather it wasn’t mine).  I snack on half-fishfingers that have been pushed around a plate and finally rejected.  Once I ate a finger of buttered toast off the floor, as it was easier than walking to the bin.  […]

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How to give birth. (Start by shutting your ears.)

A friend of mine has just had her baby.  She’s knackered, milky, blissed out, and then knackered again.  Our beloved NHS got her baby out safely – gosh, how easy it is to forget that no matter how tough a labour experience we have we are so very lucky. And yet.  And yet every mama’s journey from conception […]

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It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

I’m SO lucky to still have my parents – they are both still around in body and mind, although living three hours away gets them out of babysitting.  The boys adore them, Grandpa kicks a ball and Granny does loads of cuddles and the occasional Scary Look, and it’s a mutually appreciative relationship. Flashback to […]

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