• New Mum Problems,  Post-birth

    This is not what I was expecting

    I was hurting. My mind, my body. The inside of my cells felt like they were shrivelling up. I was dirty. Skin cells clumping together, oily hair and dried blood. The idea of what my life would look like now, after giving birth, shattered. Little pieces of me falling to my hospital bed side. Hot, light and lonely, even with my mother next to me. This baby is depending on me and I have no fucking idea what I am supposed to do. I have been awake for almost three days now, I have been in pain, pain that made my body burn and my legs lift and twinge. I was crawling out of my…

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  • Mum Fun

    11 Reasons Why New Mums are Gangster

    Since becoming a mum, I am much more confident in every day life. I don’t feel the pressure of having to please everyone and I am more focused on what I need to do for my family. I have a sense of freedom even though technically I am less free, I am finally able to follow my own rules. It doesn’t matter what other people think, you just gotta do whatchu gotta do. No disrespect. With this new found confidence I realised that actually I am a Gangster. Here are my reasons why. Rollin’ on dubs I am always bumpin’ down the street with my decked out buggy blasting Gin and Juice. Not only is my buggy as expensive as a…

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    Redefining what Being a ‘Man’ Really Means

    Probably a little bit like me too. He’ll grow up, turn into a young LAD, and he’ll be standing in a group of friends joking around, giving it all THE BANTS, and someone will say, “…ah maaaaate, she’s so ugly, if I banged her I’d double bag it, a bag on her head and a bag on mine just in case mine fell off ahahahaha” I would expect him to say, “that’s not cool.” But I know he wouldn’t. Not that I’m preempting my son to be a coward, but I know in social situations like this the route most men will take is to stay quiet, or else you look like a square. So what does it really mean to be a…

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  • Mum Fun

    Places and Pick Up Lines to Attract the Perfect Mum Friend

    On my mum journey I have found that having mum friends is key to mum success. Diyyaam, I just said “mum” three times in one sentence.  While we all know that mum friends are important, unfortunately there is quite an art to making the perfect mum friends. You can always find a mum friend, but finding a perfect mum friend that you actually want to spend your precious one hour of free time with is tricky. It’s similar to hitting on a woman for a first date. “Oh you look nice in those jeans!” “Maybe we can go for a coffee first and drinks later?” “Have you been going to the gym?” I have used these exact phrases to pick up meet…

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    8 Tips for Working Mums Who Are Breastfeeding (video)

    Returning to work and breast-pumping has been interesting. Number one, I’ve had a boob explosion and had to run out of a meeting to pump, and number two, I’ve had to explain that my breast milk in the fridge is in fact BREAST milk, not for your tea mister! While it can be difficult at times – mostly due to the fact that nobody can really understand what you’re going through – there are ways to help you through this process. I’ll admit, the first week was a bit weird but now it’s normal. The best way for it to be normal is for you to act like it’s normal. Anyway, here are my tips for Mums that are continuing to…

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    5 Things You Do as a New Mum at a Music Festival

    I have been so busy with moving house, starting a new job and generally being a working mother that I haven’t had a chance to write a post about my wondrous festival experience at Secret Garden Party Festival that happened back in July. I would highly recommend this festival to anyone. It has everything for every type of person, it’s classy (besides the toilets) and I had the best time of my life. Hands down, best festival I have ever experienced. Anyway, my festival experience has changed slightly since having a child as I’m sure you are all aware, as a parent your priorities change. But what’s funny is that…

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  • Post-birth

    Becoming a Mother is Not What I Expected

    Becoming a mother has been tough, and to be honest, there have been times where I thought I don’t want this. My emotions and ideas about being a mum are all over the place. I’m in denial and I can’t let go of my former self. I don’t know which way is up and sometimes I feel normal again and other times I feel like there has been a zombie apocalypse and my son and I are the only ones left, barely standing. One leg hanging and milk leaking from my tits. Transitioning into motherhood has been surreal. I am “me” but I am not “me” both physically and mentally. Physically, my body…

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