Day: January 23, 2017

Prevent Negative Thoughts about Our Bodies

 Your body is beautiful. Don’t let anyone, including yourself, tell you otherwise.  Big, small, round, pear-shaped, wide, petite, giraffe-like. Whatever shape, it is beautiful. Since becoming a mother my body has changed in many ways. At first it was hard for me to accept the extra belly fat that lay ever-so quietly under my jeans, popping out […]

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7 Things that are EASIER After Having a Child

I’m not going to lie, becoming a mother has been the hardest thing I have ever done. I haven’t slept in seven months. I am always exhausted. I am always on edge. And I look like someone has punched me in both eyes. HOWEVER, I have found that there are actually a few things that have become, […]

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How to Bottle Feed a Breastfed Baby

Every cheesy thing you’ve ever heard about becoming a parent is absolutely true. They are the only thing that matters to you in the entire world. They are also a complete nightmare, which is why becoming a new parent is the most terrifying experience in the world. There are so many FIRSTS: The first time they look […]

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I Want My Brain and Body Back

I’m at the end of my rope. I can’t take the night wakings anymore, it’s at least 2 wakings and at most 7 wakings, and an early 7:30am start at work. Sometimes I look at my photos and think, “Damn I look like I have been punched in the face!” Bags galore. I want my brain […]

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To All the Baby Haters Out There

There’s no doubt about it, my son is apart of my life. I wake up, he’s there, I get home from work, he’s there, I go to sleep, he’s there.  It’s bound to happen. I’m going to put up a picture, or three, of him on Facebook. Deal with it.  I have to deal with […]

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What If Tomorrow is Too Late?

Inspiration is my new drug. It’s really cool, it’s just this breathtaking feeling that pops up out of nowhere and you’re like, “Damn that’s such a good idea.” Sometimes it makes you stay up all night thinking about it, or distracts you from your work or a conversation with your friend. But it’s worth it. […]

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How a Sleep Trainer Saved My Life

I am alive. I want to kiss Hannah Love all over her face and throw rainbow sprinkles on her driveway and hire Ryan Gosling to stand at her doorway with a big bouquet of roses like, The day has finally come, I. have. slept. My baby was finally like…… …and I was like.. Honestly I never […]

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The Secret to Get Your Baby to Sleep

Oh how the tables have turned. I am (me!) giving advice on how to help your baby sleep better! WHAT. Who would’ve thought this day would ever come? So let me first say (oh it sounds like I’m about to make a toast) that my baby sleep skills are because of the wonderful Hannah who started her own sleep […]

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Tips for Staying Healthy during Pregnancy

When I imagined being pregnant I always thought my husband would bring me to a room filled with mountains of mint chocolate chip ice cream, with furniture made out of sweets and a big fat marshmallow shaped bear that I could return to eat every day until the baby was born.


I thought I would be able to happily ingest whatever I please until the baby was born. And afterwards, the calories would just drop off of me. POOF. I am thin again!

The reality was, how do I say this……a bit different.

I found out that you only need 100-200 calories extra a day for the first six months of your pregnancy, after that you need an extra 300 a day. YES. You heard me right. Only 200 calories! My dreams of lounging around all day eating junk melted away. ; )

There’s more.…..I suddenly came to realise that there is actually another brain growing inside me! Surprise, surprise, I am now an adult with big responsibilities. If I wanted that brain to be as smart as mine (hopefully smarter!) I would have to give myself (and obviously the baby) the right nutrients.


In a giant shock to the system, I ran to the nearest pharmacy (…or rather leisurely opened my laptop) and found the top things a pregnant woman needs in order to stay healthy and GROW THAT MINI BRAIN.

First on the list….

Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are gold to any newly pregnant woman. If you are not sure when to start prenatal vitamins, doctors recommend to before you are actually pregnant, but if you start once you find out, you’ll be fine. They have omega-3 fatty acids that keep your mind sharp, and as I said earlier, stimulate and grow the baby brain cells too. They are made of natural ingredients which are extracted directly from plants! Read more

Muminising – Making More Space to Enjoy Mum Life

My closet is a freakin’ mess. The living room is packed with random elephants and wires and cloth. The kitchen looks like an animal war zone. Don’t even start on the hallway, is there even a hallway there? I can’t see the floors. This may be a slight over-exaggeration, but not far from my reality. […]

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